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7 pm-10 pm, students may leave at 9:30 but are not allowed back inside after leaving. 


$45 per student

Who can register? 

Every homeschooled student in 9th - 12th grades. Yes, we count Epic, K-12, and Hybrid Schools. 

What if I'm in another group or not in a group? 

It doesn't matter; you deserve the same opportunities! Join us with no extra hassle! 

Can I wear anything I want? 

As long as you follow the rules and dress code, which will be strictly enforced. PLEASE do not come outside the dress code; otherwise, you will be asked to wear a plain shirt or leave. We will not check if you have shorts on under a short dress; no worries! BUT!! It will be evident if you choose not to once you start dancing, and at that time if too much is showing, we will ask you to leave. So, please... follow the dress code so no one has to worry about it. 

Can I bring a date? 

All homeschoolers are welcome, a homeschooled student can bring 1 non-homeschool student, but the parent of the homeschooled student then assumes responsibility for both students. Dates are not required but are allowed. 

Can parents come inside? 

If you'd like to be a part of the Prom committee and help, please email us, and we can see what we might need. 

Is there security? 

YES! We will have Chaperones and Security at both doors and in the venue. 

Are there photo ops?

YES! So many at this location.

Facebook Group?

This is a group everyone should join and follow. We will share pertinent information and be available to ask any questions. We will also share live streaming and any photos taken on this group. 

Will there be food? 

We will have a few light snacks and dessert options. 


Prom Rules and Dress Code:


  • We believe that a Christian’s appearance and conduct are a demonstrative part of his or her testimony. Our appearance should reflect our Biblical standards and always be pleasing to God and uncompromising with our Christian values. You will be sent home to change your clothes if you are found out of compliance with the dress code.

  • Formal wear or prom-themed costumes are perfectly acceptable. 

  • Males should wear pants and dress shirts (or suits); females can wear feminine dress pants or jumpsuits if preferable.

  • Shirts and dresses should cover the midriff; shirts should not be higher than the student’s waistline, and no crop tops.

  • On the back, dresses should come down no further than the shoulder blade

  • No exposed cleavage

  • Spaghetti straps and one-strap dresses are acceptable, and strapless are ok as long as no cleavage shows. 

  • Sheer or low-cut tops/dresses are not acceptable. No, see-through areas. This includes the back below the bra line. 

  • Shirts with inappropriate slogans, words, or pictures are not allowed.

  • All undergarments must be covered up.

  • Skirts and dresses and no mini skirts must come no higher than 4” above the knee. No side slits are higher than this. 

  • No tears, rips, or holes in clothing.


We believe it honors God when our students are obedient to the rules and are respectful to all, as well as our venue.



  • you have a purpose (Ephesians 2:10)

  • you are capable (Philippians 4:13)

  • you can lead by example (Titus 2:7)

  • you are precious (Psalms 139:13)


  • listen and follow staff instructions

  • speak with respect at all times—foul language will not be tolerated


  • speak with kindness (Ephesians 4:29)

  • treat each other with respect (Matthew 7:12)

  • use appropriate language

  • do not meddle with the personal belongings of others

  • dress appropriately (see dress code)

  • no PDA outside of proper dancing 


  • clean up after yourself (Colossians 3:23)

  • no provocative dancing

  • no drugs, alcohol, vaping, or tobacco use (legal or illegal)

  • no sexual expressions, be it in attire or attitude

  • no bullying or actions that could be considered bullying by Chaperones

  • once you leave, you will not be allowed back inside the venue


Chaperones have the right to ask any attendee to leave due to inappropriate behavior and/or dress and will not be held liable for this event.

We will Chaperone. However, you assume all responsibility and risk by attending.

NO REFUNDS, all sales final. 


Student Info: 

Parent Info:

Click here to download


You will need it for entrance. 


Student 1 Info: 

Student 2 Info: 

Adult Info:

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You will need it for entrance. 

Any child you register (including dates) YOU are assuming responsibility for. 

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