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Children Embracing in Circle

Exodus Summer Camp

Join us for 3 days of FUN and FELLOWSHIP this summer!

White and Beige STEM Kids Summer Camp Flyer.png

The largest Robotics community in Tulsa brings us STEM galore!

We will have both First Lego League and First Tech Challenge presenting fun and interactive projects. You may even get to drive a robot!

We will provide fun and active classes on Health and Nutrition. We will rotate between them so you get the best experience!

Intro to Internet Safety will softly introduce our fall class "Digital Citizenship". Basic sewing will have a fun project to take home, and First aid will be an intro to our "Survival Skills Class", and might just end with a visit from our local firemen with their truck in tow!

Summer Camp Registration

Parent Information

Handbook Agreement

By signing your name, you acknowledge this acts as your personal signature and agreement to the terms listed above, as well as all other policies within the Exodus Handbook. You are signing that you understand that it is your responsibility to make sure all students arrive on time to classes, and that they will adhere to the Handbook while at Exodus. 

Child Information

Liability Release

Signature: By signing your name below, you consent that this is your legal signature in regards to having read and gone over the material regarding liability and Release of Liability. You agree to and abide by the rules within.

**All Fees are non refundable. 

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By agreeing to this Waiver of Liability & Hold Harmless Agreement, your family will be allowed to participate in any field trips, activities, sports recreation, classes, workshops, or events. 

Exodus cannot control all the environments in which field trips, activities, sports recreation, co-op, classes, workshops, or events take place, nor all the influences which may be encountered; therefore, parents are responsible for the physical safety and well-being of their children when planning to attend or participate in any field trips, activities, sports recreation, classes, workshops, or events made available. 
By completing and signing the form below, you have read and are in agreement with the statement made in the waiver of liability or the hold harmless agreement. 

All families need to complete a liability waiver form for Exodus. Guests of Exodus members who attend will need to comply with this liability form. Any guest attending a one-time event will be included under the Waiver signed by the family. 

The purpose of this agreement is to state that the signing family agrees not to hold Exodus, its Directors, Staff or other Leadership responsible for any loss, damage, or legal liability. 
Guests of Exodus members who attend will need to comply with this liability form. Any guest attending a one-time event will be included under the Waiver signed by the family. 

I hereby expressly waive all causes of action which I, my child(ren), or guests might have against Exodus or it’s representatives as a result of any injuries or damages while attending any field trip, activity, sports recreation, class, co-op, workshop or event. 
I acknowledge that I will assume entire responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury that I, my child(ren), or my guests sustain while participating in any field trip, activity, sports recreation, class, co-op, workshop, or event sponsored by Exodus. This includes should my child ride with another adult, I agree that responsibility is solely between me and the other driver. 

This policy intends to provide a healthy and safe environment for our students. Some illnesses and situations require a child to be absent from school to prevent the spread of infection to other children and to allow the child time to rest, recover, and be treated for the illness. To help keep our children healthy, Exodus requires adherence to the guidelines of this policy.
Children will not be allowed to attend classes or co-op-related activities if they have anything contagious such as, but not limited to the following: 

FEVER: May return when fever free (under 99 degrees) for at least 48 hours, without medication.
DIARRHEA / VOMITING: May return when symptom-free for at least 48 hours
STREP THROAT: May return after 24 hours of antibiotic treatment and no fever for 48 hours
CONJUNCTIVITIS (pink eye): May return 24 hours after treatment begins and eyes are free of discharge
HEAD LICE: May return after treatment and removal of all live lice and nits from hair
RINGWORM: May return after treatment begins; the area should be covered while in school for the first 48 hours of treatment
IMPETIGO / STAPH / MRSA: May return 48 hours after treatment starts; wound must be covered with dressing taped on all 4 sides
COMMUNICABLE DISEASES OR INFECTIONS (such as, but not limited to - influenza, chickenpox, measles, mumps, pertussis, meningitis, mononucleosis, COVID, SARS, etc): May return when cleared by their medical provider, a minimum of 72 hours, unless the virus incubation period is longer such as with COVID, then we ask you remain out for the recommended time (14 days).
FAMILY ILLNESS: Another member of the household has any of the above symptoms/issues OR having come in recent contact with anyone who has had these issues. Please DO NOT send a child to any classes or activities when another family member is at home sick!!
FLU or COVID VACCINES: We also request that you not come to Exodus classes or activities for 7 days after receiving the flu vaccine/nasal mist, or the COVID vaccine. If you plan to receive these vaccines, we encourage you to schedule this before classes beginning or over summer/fall break so that your student does not miss any class days.

1.       Medications – If your child requires any medications or medical equipment while in class, please both note on your enrollment form and notify the student’s teachers, so that a plan may be in place for the use of necessary medical support. (For Example: an inhaler during PE class)

2.      Allergies – Please do not bring food to share with your child’s class or with your students without prior approval from the Campus Lead or responsible Program Director. All birthday celebrations, holiday treats, prizes, rewards, or edible experiments must be pre-approved due to food allergies. If your child has a food allergy, please both note on your enrollment form and notify the student’s teachers, so that precautions can be taken.

3.      First Aid – Exodus has a first aid kit in the office. If a child has a minor injury, he/she should report it to their teacher, who will then find the parent to help care for the injury and notify the child’s parent. 

Medical Emergency – In case of a medical emergency, please call 911 for EMS support. Notify the leadership member immediately. 

If a student arrives at school with symptoms, or during the school day begins to show symptoms indicative of a condition listed above, a parent/guardian will be contacted and asked to pick the child up as soon as possible. Please note: Exodus is not medically liable for your child, it is for this purpose that we request one parent stay on site at all times with your child(ren). 

Taking our current climate into consideration our focus must differ slightly to maintain our independence and freedom necessary to support each family in making their own educational decisions, while glorifying God in the process. 
With this in mind, our plan is as follows:
·      We WILL be having co-op as usual.
·      We will make efforts to have proper hand washing materials available in the restrooms and will keep our current standard of a clean environment for our children and classrooms. Our facility will be cleaned and sanitized properly to the best of our ability at the end of each school day. We cannot be responsible for the cleaning after the church services as we are not in charge of those gatherings.
·      Should a county shutdown be enforced Leadership will gather, and pray about which direction is best to follow at the time needed. We will also follow the facilities requirements at such time. If we choose not to shut down classes there will be no reimbursement will be available for the summer co-op. If we choose to shut down, you will receive a percentage reimbursement of the days not used. We will all work together in these changing times to continue to foster a love of education within your children and support for you, as a homeschool family. We feel that it is important to know that learning will go on, regardless of what our government chooses for our economy.
·      Exodus and its representatives are not liable should any illnesses or issues occur. By signing these documents and registering  for co-op you are knowingly choosing to abide by these by-laws and warnings. 
·    Exodus and its representatives shall not be held liable for any illness, disease, etc. that should occur nor its financial responsibilities of said illnesses or issues.

I have read, understood, and agree to ALL items aforementioned. I understand I am willingly taking the calculated risk & responsibility of enrolling my family and/or children in Exodus. It is my personal responsibility to be diligent to follow the above rules. I concede that it is not Exodus’s responsibility should anyone in my friends or family get sick.

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