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  • Is Exodus a school? Are you accredited?
    No. Exodus is a homeschool resource center. Our classes are meant to supplement your homeschool. As homeschooling families, the credits are given by the parent for the courses taken at home as well as elsewhere.
  • Are your teachers certified?
    Not necessarily. Some of our teachers have certifications, but most are members of the community who have a passion and want to share it with others! All teachers are Christian and must sign a statement of faith to teach at the Center. All must commit to a quality education of each subject they teach.
  • Are parents required to participate?
    Parents are not required to teach or volunteer (but we love it when they do!) unless participating in one of our co-op programs. Parents must remain on-site while their children 12 and under are attending classes and supervise their children when not in class.
  • How much does it cost?
    It depends on which program you join or classes you take. For more information see our Pricing Page.
  • Am I qualified to homeschool?
    YES! Oklahoma is an easy state to Homeschool in, and we always say the best things you can give your kids are: -a love of learning -character building -information on HOW to learn, the rest of their lives
  • How many classes can my children take?
    Remember, the Center is meant to be supplemental. An ideal number of classes per student is 1-4. We differ in this area from other Homeschool Groups. We want to make sure we are ecouraging and supporting traditional homeschool, not replacing it with a school-like program.
  • Can I attend the Center if I live outside of Tulsa County? If we don’t homeschool?
    Yep! We welcome families from anywhere, as long as you can attend in person. We do not have the ability to virtual class. Our classes are open to non-homeschool families as well.
  • Do you offer summer programs?
    Yes! We are offering a summer fun-day co-op to build and strenghten our community with fun fellowship. Follow our Facebook for more info at:
  • How much time does it take to homeschool?
    A typical day can vary from half an hour to half a day depending on the student, parent, season of life, and more! Know that homeschooling is much more efficient than traditional school so it is often easier to cover much more material in much less time.
  • Where are you located?
    Currently we are at Grace Bible Church off 15th and Memorial in Tulsa OK. We have a big vision and are praying for our own building one day in order to serve the community better and in a full time fashion. But, as we are new we use what is available and GBC has been WONDERFUL to us to allow us to use their building.
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