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Why the Membership Fee?

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

At Exodus, we realize that most families whom have chosen to stand in the gap are on one income, and so we get some questions about the Registration Fee PLUS the Class or Co-op Fees. Because we'd like to always be open and honest with you, we decided to put together a little budget so that YOU can see where your money goes and why we charge this as a Non-Profit.

As you can see from our Budget, in an average of 20 families charging $65 we end with only $85 in the account to put towards classes, or maybe even give towards a scholarship. Now, our Membership fee is even lower at $50/Semester as we work towards being mission minded and keeping our costs extremely low.

A big part of this is because we choose safety FIRST, in this world you can never be too safe with your children so we've chosen to utilize Ministry Safe in our training and for our Background Checks. This takes up a huge amount of our Registration Budget, and then building supplies pretty much get the rest.

We hope you agree that safety of your babies is worth the extra fee and a small price to pay.


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