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The job you never wanted

I get it. I didn't begin homeschooling because of quarantine, but because my family had a heartbreaking experience in a public school Kindergarten year. A year that should have been FILLED with exciting firsts, and given my son a love of learning instead unfortunately changed my son in a way we never expected or dreamed of. I won't go into our personal heart wrenching experience but I assure you, I didn't start out wanting to homeschool either.

So what now though?

I mean, I think anyone can see that the world we knew isn't coming back anytime soon so what do we do with that?

  • Are you willing to send your child back with mask requirements?

  • Will you vaccinate your child under the current experimental trials to satisfy future requirements?

  • What about the agenda in public schools and what they are teaching regarding sex-ed and lifestyles?

Here's the thing

It can be done.

It doesn't have to be difficult. Heck, it doesn't even have to be EPICly stressful. *wink* It's great if that's what works for you, but it doesn't always so I'm here to tell you that there's even MORE freedom available out there. MORE control over your own schedule, materials, curriculum, classes, etc.!!!


There is community waiting, full of options for your family. Full of fellowship, full of homeschool advice, resources, and activities. This is why we begin. This is where we start.


Register now for the summer FUN DAY co-op here:



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