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Exodus is looking for a HOME!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

An email was sent to quite a few churches in the local area looking for one willing to serve our homeschool and school at home community.

Some of the contents of the email included ways we would like to serve which include but are not limited to:

-As a true resource. We would like to have a center set up with all the things local parents need to set up their children’s education. Items available such as: a printer, laminator, book binder, paper cutters, cricut, etc.

-A place for Epic and School at Home Tutors to meet with their students. Currently, with libraries closed Epic teachers and the like are hard pressed for a place to meet when Zoom simply isn’t working.

-A resource for Tutors to hold classes. Classrooms available for classes where Tutors can reserve the time on a community calendar to come each week and hold their in-person classes. I know several teachers/tutors looking for a space for classes such as: Spanish, Choir, Drama, Highschool Math, Chemistry, etc.

-A place for fellowship. I would love to allow a coop to meet within the available schedule and rooms, so the children have opportunities for fellowship and socialization.

-A place of peace and rest. Ideally, I would love to install a coffee and snack bar where moms can come and receive encouragement and support.

These are just some of the needs that a Resource Center could fulfill, and that need is growing exponentially.



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