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Did you know that Exodus is a local ministry?

Not only do we serve homeschool families in every capacity possible, but we also exist to share the love of Christ to local families in need of support.

We do not preach.

We are not formal.

But, a ministry of living out our faith in love is right where we belong and exist.

For this reason, Exodus does not require background checks on every family that walks through our doors. I know, because that is typically the standard amongst local Christian Homeschool groups it took me aback at first as well. My thoughts immediately went to my bubble of protection and influence that I've personally designed for my kids. I get it.

However, because we exist as a ministry we are able to show Christ more, to serve more and to follow the model He set forth in John 15:12-13.

Does this mean that we lower our biblical standards for some?

Absolutely not. We believe in the statement of faith in our handbook and we run our center by it. We do not compromise our beliefs in order to love, nor is that ever required biblically. Anyone choosing to utilize our facility and/or classes will sit under biblical curriculum and discussions.

What about the influence?

It's always a possibility in any social situation that some subject with arise in which you're not so comfortable with and then requires extra teaching and discussions at home, I won't deny that. However, our Handbook was created with this in mind and we do not make exceptions. EVERYONE follows the rules and standards in the Handbook or they are not allowed back. And honestly, we have more trouble with the believers than the unbelievers in this area. From my experience in other super large groups nearby I am firmly convinced that signing a piece of paper or a statement does not always produce changed hearts anyway, so we may as well be honest about it and who all of you are along with where you stand in your beliefs. Honesty we can deal with and learn from.

NOONE is required to sign the Statement of Faith?

No, actually ALL of our Board of Directors, Leadership, Staff, and Teachers must believe, sign and adhere to our statement of faith. This way, the Leadership stays in accordance with our core belief system and by-laws/ Handbook. Also, this way the teaching and discussions get filtered down to those that it most benefits, even if it's just a simple heart to heart between Mommas that are struggling.

And so forms our Mission Statement:

Exodus exists to equip and connect homeschooling families, providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive in their schooling journey. We desire to s

ee every family flourishing and confident, every student growing, and challenged.

Join us!


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